oppenheimer reviews
Oppenheimer movie reviews

I’m lucky to have one of the 30 cinemas in the world, showing Christopher Nolan‘s Oppenheimer in IMAX 15 perf/70 mm less than 5 km from my home. So I want all my coffee on Tuesday morning after watching a movie at 11 p.m. on Monday night. here is the first non-spoiler review of Oppenheimer.

The experience of this film in IMAX 70 was great. The speed of editing and the immediacy of the cinematography create a compelling narrative. Jay. The life and work of Robert Oppenheimer, from his college years to his post-war revolution, is detailed, all the details are added, but it’s not clear if many points are needed. (For Nolan, I might have shortened the film by 20 minutes.)

The cast is fantastic and they get into their roles to a degree that you wouldn’t think some actors are capable of.

There are a lot of faces I could have seen in this movie, but there is a lot here (like Jack Quaid as Richard Feynman, James Urbaniak as Kurt Gödel, and Gary Oldman as Harry S. Truman). They raised their game. Moreover, it is the best performance of Cillian Murphy’s career and one of the most important. Hands down, the guy deserves an Oscar for this role.

The body of the film is good and very strong. Activity, the symbol of Trinity Trinity Trinity, which should be the center of the film … I don’t mean it’s hard because it’s wrong. But it was more humble than I expected. So many physical views are in the film’s trailers, which, I think, could be part of the Trinity scene, but this is not the case. They are used throughout the film to demonstrate several quantum physics instead. And when the infamous sky is revealed (actually reaching 50-70,000 feet in the air), I think it will look pretty cool on the big IMAX screen.

Instead, it can be seen from afar, as Oppenheimer did. So it looks like it’s: a giant rocket. Unfortunately, I think this is an example of Nolan’s decision to capture the actual image in front of the camera lens by dropping it. So does his reluctance to create music that even simple table conversation can be hard to notice. I’ve used it here before, but it seems clear that Nolan seems to have no problem with it, even skimming through the parts where I barely understand half of the conversation.

But yes from a philosophical point of view, Oppenheimer was the most successful. Looking directly into the mind of this theoretical scientist and explaining the real and dangerous danger his scientists have for the main power they have united to leave Otherwise you have to bear some of the weight they carry for his impact. for mankind in general. And when we leave the theater, it’s not hard to rehearse our new perspective on the world we now live in.

We are now on the brink of another Promethean technology arms race with artificial intelligence and autonomous robots. After all, Oppenheimer left me with plenty to think about, and I don’t think I’ll have to struggle with those issues for very long (if ever). Is it a perfect movie? No. Is this Nolan’s masterpiece? I do not think so. To make one, I believe this filmmaker needs to learn the value of repeating some of his negative thoughts. That said, Oppenheimer is definitely worth a look, and on the biggest screen possible. We’ll get back to our regular Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD media updates in a moment.
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